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Tours are not conducted on Sundays and Japanese public holidays.
July and August, we will stop the 7:00 AM tour.
Minimum number of applications
7:00 AM is only for group of 4 or more tourists.
9:00 AM and 10:00 AM are for 2 or more.
We do not accept application for 1 person.
We do not combine groups that are less than the minimum number of people.
2 days advanced reservation required, not including weekends and holidays.
Fee:300 yen per person. Please pay in cash on that day.
During the visit, we will walk about 1km. There is an elevator.
①このページの 【お問い合わせ】または、お電話で、ご希望日時に予約が可能かお尋ね下さい。


First, please send a message whether it is possible for the day you want to make the reservation.
We will contact you after confirming our schedule. And next, when you get a reply for we can accept you, download the application form from this page, then fill the form and send it.
First-come-first-served basis
If you unilaterally attach only the application form without any message, your reservation will not be accepted.
◆お問い合わせの際、フリーメール(yahoo、gmail、hotmail etc)をお使いの場合は、こちらからの返信メールがブロックされてしまうケースがよくあります。当協会からのメールアドレスを受信可能に設定してください。数日経ってもこちらからのメール返信が来ない場合は、もう一度ご連絡をください。迷惑メールボックスもチェックしてください。それでもこちらからの返信がない場合は、受付完了となっていないため、ツアーは実施できません。
If you do not receive a reply from us,our account may be blocked by your e-mail server.
Please check your spam mail as well.
Nonetheless, If you do not get our reply after sent the form, the acceptance has not been completed. So we can not do the tour.







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